Saturday, December 17, 2011

If I Were John Milton

"He who reigns within himself and rules passion,
desire, and fear is more than a king."
John Milton

If I Were John Milton

If I were John Milton;
I would embrace opportunity
with extreme passion.

Dedicate my life amid faults
of monarchs and reticent

I would sharpen my axe to grind
with razor wit and stoic resolve.

If I meet his eminent stature,
I would shatter the chains of
disillusionment wrought on by
17th century Island madness.

I would travel abroad to the
Continent, engaging Italy and
Spain, they applauded my
verse written to their confusion.

I would dedicate my stay to
refinement of far reaching designs,
all the while writing endless verse,
pros, and revolutionary appeal.

I would witness a mad King’s execution,
a new reality for an abused nation.

Another step closer to sanity, the
light of my world diminishing, caused
by a compassion to write,
unwilling, the inability,
to live another reality.

If passion blinds, I would have been the first
embrace and the last unfinished story.

“if I were John Milton”

© 2010/jdr

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