Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Butter Knife

A somewhat curious utensil,
spreading butter efficiently,
the versatile butter knife,
remarkable unto itself.

A finely crafted tool,
for all things condiment,
thinly veiled mustard,
on your burger masterpiece

I relish the taste of a ballpark frank,
so expertly laden with a mix of alien preparations.

Dig deep the creamy peanut butter,
surely more than is needed,
dress your toast,
your cracker,
your finely carved celery stick

But oh,
you argue with alacrity,
everyone’s aware,
these common usages,
hardly a reason for wasted page.

But let us dissect this miracle further.

A screw driver of undaunted proportion,
a pry bar,
to the task of ruination,
a press for the pill,
too large to swallow,
a scraper to remove substances,
long since spilled.

I could go on and on……and on,
but you captured my drift,
such a finely tuned apparatus,
yet so simplistic in nature,
honed from time memoriam.
a reflection of ingenuity,
in sterling silver flatware.

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