Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tempest (poor Jodie Rain)

I met her on the back city streets
of middle America, for surely, all
contain her likeness,
mingling among the uncaring.

Her messenger, seems now,
a blustery ghost,
with fall now upon us,
I can’t help but reach back,
across opaque colors of brutal winter.


I paused if for a moment,
engaged by the display of a
small boutique, noticing my
translucent reflection.

It started hardly more than an audible

clickity, clack, clackity, click,

a coming of saint or sinner,
only time held such revelations.

Streetlights danced across
a chromium cage,
unmistakable bars of a miss-gotten
shopping cart.

clickity, clack, clackity, click,

steadily depleting our personal
space between.

She stalled before me,
with jack-o-lantern grin,
filth encrusted hoodie,
pale skin and grey meshed

With breathy repetition,
she propelled her message with
well intentioned fervor, rightly,
holding me transfixed.

“Regent’s stain, manifested heart,
enemies redemption fails in the dark,
what climbs up slowly slithers down,
Lazy Susan turns round and round”

Icy chills gnawed deep my spine,
knees buckled, heart’s race,
breath a vaporous lingering mist.

“this foretelling panders darker days

her final farewell, slowly disappearing
into life’s dark abyss,

clickity, clack, clackity, click.

As I turned, once more, to my faded
reflection, I couldn’t help but surmise,
we are all subjects of our paranoia, guilt,
greed, and………..disillusionment.


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