Thursday, June 16, 2011

Red Dirt Road

Rise up,copious wind,
heated powder gathers,
ghostly mirages - diffused,
pasted over days..

Metal chariot stranded,
alone to abandonment,
slowly succumbing, like
bleached out parchment.

Crimson devils congregate,
defiant to any influence,
defenses gather in response,
tattered coattails swirl.

Tightly knotted bandana,
masking worn determination,
filtering the honesty,
widened brim billow’s rejection.

Staggered progress’s burn,
track’s instant acclaim pixilated,
a waning, unrealized by destination,
erasing any measured gain.

Dancing specter, shifting sidewinder,
rend his finely etched intention,
one in front of the last,
understanding, of course,
escape lies - just…beyond this red-dirt road.

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