Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Thought of You Today

I thought of you today,
before sunrise,
my moment after slumber,
before day’s challenge,
my time,
where I live truest,
bound to solitude.

There was nothing tied to it,
like it meant to have meaning,
not like that at all,
it wasn’t experiences shared,

I didn’t think about conversations,
agreed or opposed,
I didn’t think what our friendship meant,
I know it seems unusual,
why not friendship,
why not our bond?

it wasn’t that at all.

It was you,
just you,
as you are,
who you are,
nothing more,
the simplest of truths,
stripped of all history,

A moment so pure,
as to say,
I shall never know loneliness
or how it must feel stranded in desert,
it was you, wrapped in your purity.

© 2009/jdr

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