Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clutter Bug

It’s so much easier to collect
than throw away, from - I’ll
need this someday, to - I paid
for this, refusing to admit, its useless.

Five screwdrivers of similar
size, function, and ability,
three pairs of scissors.

The bargains to good
to pass up, those that look
great (on anyone else).

I carry three hundred video
tapes thru life, though I have
no vcr, a box of wall- warts
void of function.

Cords with nothing to connect to,
outdated periodicals making
conspicuous towers, boxes of
random desires.

Past relationships, no longer relevant,
criticisms and accomplishments, defining
moments, trivial at last examination.

To reformat my life would leave me
with nothing but spontaneity, imagination,
and more room than I need.

© 2011/jdr

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