Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emily Waits

Emily paused above the harbor,
the sunset rusted evening calm,
she stood and took in its beauty,
each boat moored in harmony.

Masts bob and weave to ocean’s pulse,
facing a waning sun,
a graveyard of spent journeys,
the finality of yet another day’s end.

In town, confusion reigns,
walkways overburdened with curios and souvenirs,
taverns and eateries bulging with party seekers,
sailors full of rum and tall tales.

Never the same, yet familiar enough to
cast indifference to her boredom,
the openness of the sea at times paralyzing.

She felt her life slowly slipping through
her seventeen year old fingers
(as with most her age)
a world of undiscovered adventures.

Emily can’t help but wonder
if she might be the only one waiting,
waiting for destiny’s rendezvous,
her romance still to be written.

Waiting to join her mysterious captain
on some far away exotic treasure hunt,
waiting for true love to fell her, waiting still.


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