Sunday, December 6, 2009

Morning Cleanse

I sometimes walk to clear
my thoughts,
unconcerned with physical benefit,
relaxed in casual confidence.

I’m not obsessed by pace,
rushing along, hips rotating,
clutching midget sized weights,
my beginning mingling with

No, for me it’s the solitude I seek,
as if some alien encounter had
sterilized my world while I slept,
leaving behind all but the human race.

The introduction of a new day,
serene, pensive, without flaw,
the air crisp like shattered glass,
my senses collectively acute.

The first three blocks a residential maze,
wanna-be watch dogs announce my presence,
wake up neighborhood,
they insist, take notice of this intruder.

Exiting the last signs of civilized intrusion,
nature’s wonderland opens before me,
the dew laden fodder clings knee high,
I reach out and touch my isolation.

Clearing my head of the day to
day tragedies of a world in turmoil,
opening my mind to free thinking,
gone are the petty self indignations.

As the sun peaks over the eastern skyline,
turning the cosmos into pastel amazement,
I become one, in the moment,
no before, no after.

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